How To Choose Your Dentist?

Dentistry is a rising but stressful career path and over the years the need for dentists have been growing rapidly. Dentists can help improve a patient’s life by relieving him of the pain, placement of dentures that can aid people in eating and also help enhance a person’s appearance by teeth whitening methods or in the case of crooked teeth, the dentist can help out by providing invisible braces. It is a job which is highly satisfying if the end results are successful.Since there are several specializations within the field of dentistry, you might be finding it difficult to choose a particular dentist so here’s an outline of some of their specializations and they deal with.

  • OrthodonticsOrthodontics is the branch that deals with the alignment of the teeth. Teeth can get overcrowded or crooked, this can affect a person’s appearance and also make him vulnerable to tooth decay and gum diseases. An orthodontics can fix this issue by prescribing aligners, braces, removable retainers etc.
    • PeriodontistryThis specialization deals with major issues related to the jaws and gums. They correct issues such as gum bleed and gum sensitivity. They do procedures such as scaling, root planning, root surface debridement, and repair dental implants.
      • General dentistryGeneral dentists offer cleanups, deal with tooth decay, provide crowns, dentures, veneers etc. However, these dentists restrict themselves to patients who are above 16. General dentists are often confused with family dentists, they provide the same service but a good family dentist is specialized to serve all ages.
        • An Oral and maxillofacial surgeonThey are surgeons that deal with issues on the soft and hard tissues in the mouth, jaws, and face. They perform corrective jaw surgery and remove impacted teeth, bone grafting, so basically if you have any complicated issues in your teeth that requires surgery, then this is who you will most likely be referred to.There are several more such as prosthodontist, pedodontists and around 4 other specializations but the first 3 are your go-to dentists especially in cases where you require a visit to the nearest emergency dentist Sandringham available and in most cases, your regular dentist can correct the issue. In addition to the field of expertise, you should also consider if he is up to date with dental procedures and technologies, you certainly don’t need someone who carries out outdated and unsafe procedures. For example, currently most dentists use digital x-rays as they are more efficient and expose us to less radiation compared to the previous one, this change has decreased the risk of developing oral cancers.