How To Massage At Home?

Massage is a wonderful way to relieve from stress, anxiety, and sore muscles.
Some of the essential steps for a good massage are:

  • Make the room or space comfortable where the massage Coburg is to be given. Make space for one to lie down comfortably, may it be a bed, soft rug or a massage table. Cover it with soft towels to keep it clean and oil free. The room should be warm and cozy. One may use the heater for it.
  • Light some candles. Turn the lights low so that the person receiving massage can relax and is almost sleepy by the end of the massage. One can use scented candles having lavender or sea breeze smell.
  • Play some soothing music. It helps to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. It can be gentle classical music or sounds of nature. It should cater to the tastes of the one receiving the massage. The music should be soft and should add to the experience.
  • Make use of Thai massage in Melbourne. It is helpful to glide hands easily over the skin. Natural oil can be used. One may use jojoba and almond oils that are quite effective and have a good aroma. One should make use of pure essential oils with the massage oil that can penetrate the bloodstream or even can choose gentle oils like lavender or orange. The oil should be slightly warm as the cold oil is not conducive to relaxing massage.
  • Keep plenty of towels on hand. These are required to remove the excess oil from the hands during and after the massage.
  • Begun the massage with the feet. Massage the soles by wrapping both the hands around the foot and use thumbs to apply pressure on them.  Following the arch of the foot, massage gently through the heel and the ball of the foot. Grab the toes individually and gently pull to release tension.
  • Work up to the legs giving each one a long, relaxing stroke from the calf to the upper thigh. Use the kneading technique and slowly move upwards. Move in the direction of the heart.
  • Move from the lower to upper back. Use the effleurage technique, performing long, soft strokes.
  • Similarly, massage the neck, shoulders, hands, and arms.
  • Massage the face gently and end the massage.  At the end of the day, the best way to relax is to undertake such a service from a professional and it is good to have it in regular periods.