Bad Health Effects Of Sports And Energy Drinks

Sports drinks and energy drinks are popular among professionals, students, and athletes nowadays. These two drinks have different purpose for consumption. The sports drinks replenish the electrolytes in the body. It is used to prevent dehydration, provide endurance, and supply the carbohydrates during physical activities. Meanwhile, energy drinks increases a person’s energy and alertness. Most of the time, energy drinks contain ingredients such as caffeine which makes people alert and wide awake. The reports show that the worldwide consumption of these drinks have increased through the past years. This is linked to the growing demands at work and at home which every people needs to address immediately. Indeed, the number of working hours is not enough and they cling to these drinks to boost their energy. But excessive drinking of energy and sports drinks have health risks too. Now, let us find out what are some of the health effects of these drinks can do in our body:

Erosion of the Teeth

Sports and energy drinks contain acid more than sodas. As such, it can cause the erosion of the teeth. According to many orthodontist, if the teeth are affected, the damage can be irreversible. After five days of drinking sports drinks, the acid will now begin to destroy the tooth’s enamel. Now, you can have problem getting back the natural beauty of your teeth. Your teeth can look darker in color and can be at risk of developing more issues. For more information, you can visit the nearest orthodontic clinic because they can aid you in solving the erosion of the teeth.

Failure to Quench the Thirst

Unlike what is advertised in the television, sports drink will not quench your thirst. The reason why you think that the drink will make you hydrated is because it keeps you wanting for more. You think that you are making your body hydrated. But in fact, you are just consuming more calories that what you ought to have. In sum, sports and energy drinks are not that bad for the body. However, if you drink it in excessive amount, you can possibly experience bad effects. The drink is specially made to help the body recover during stressful and strenuous activities. However, it is still best to drink lots of water plus eat the right kind of food. With this, you can naturally replenish the lost energy along the process. Lastly, if you wish to continue drinking the sports and energy drinks on a regular basis, it is best to ask the help of the doctors to make sure everything is working just fine.